Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Norquist Watch

Grover got a big ol' kick to the crotch yesterday, delivered by the citizens of the state of Colorado, who told Grover to stick TABOR (the miss-named "Taxpayer Bill of Rights," actually the "Flush the Government Down the Toilet" act) where the sun don't shine. Barf Bag Boy is not amused:

Two years ago, pundits touted Owens as a possible 2008 presidential candidate. At the height of the Ref C fight, they pronounced his political career dead. Republican primary voters, they reasoned, wouldn't support someone who backed what they saw as a tax hike.

If Ref C had failed, Owens might have resurrected his political career nationally by agreeing to carry out the taxpayers' wishes for smaller government, said Grover Norquist, the Americans for Tax Reform president most famous for wanting to make government small enough to drown it in a bathtub.

Owens could have run for president, Norquist said.

But since Ref C passed, the state Taxpayer's Bill of Rights "has a hole poked in it, he has a comfortable next year, it's fun," Norquist said. "But his national career is over. He could never run for president, or vice president, or be in the Cabinet."

Owens, who turned 55 last month, has never said whether he wants to seek higher political office, and he wasn't talking Tuesday.

Neither was his spokesman, who was stunned to hear that Norquist would have welcomed Owens back into the anti-tax fold if Ref C had failed.

"I am just speechless," Dan Hopkins said. "I just can't believe it after all the things Norquist has said. This has been too weird."

"Too weird" hardly covers someone whose hobby is collecting airline barf bags.


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