Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Is the fix in in the Tom DeLay case? Does that explain Bugman's smirks and smiles? Presumably now that the judge has been ordered to recuse himself over donations to Democratic causes, blacks will be able to get white judges recused, whites will be able to get black judges recused, Democrats will get Republican judges recused and on and on using this toxic precedent. While Judge Perkins' donations to various Democratic candidates and organizations create "an appearance of partiality," presumably a new wingnut Repug judge will be picked whose donations to fellow wingnuts will be partial yet mysteriously permissible. Prosecutor Ronnie Earle put it very well:

"The law expresses no need for judges to check their citizenship at the door," Mr. Earle argued. He called Judge Perkins's contributions "paltry, not a fraction what this defendant is capable of raising for his causes, including intimidating judges with whom he disagrees."

Mr. Earle said that "we cannot afford to make integrity a partisan issue," adding, "The argument made by the defendant's counsel, taken to its logical conclusion, turns us into Shiite and Sunni sectarian mobs."

Which, of course, is exactly what the Republicans want.


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